[Video] A Trip With My Dad To SF Or Why Money Doesn’t Equal Time

They say that “time is money”. While I don’t disagree with this, I think it doesn’t work the other way around. Money doesn’t equal time. What makes time worthwhile is who we spend it with and how.

This is why I’m super stoked my dad is coming along for a visit to San Francisco. It’s probably been 20 years since the two of us went on a trip together. I’m excited to show him all the things going on in San Francisco and I decided to share this experience with you. Hope you enjoy the video and highlights!


Summary and Takeaways

Upon landing, we pre-registered and got tickets for a bike tour from San Francisco to Sausalito which is over the Golden Gate Bridge – a trip that my dad always wanted to do.

And even though the weather first seemed pretty bad, when we got to the bike station the day cleared up. And it turned out to be a beautiful day. We took the bikes over to Sausalito in a guided bike tour which took us about 3 hours and then we went back over the Golden Gate Bridge. Beautiful views, we could actually see the full bridge and then we spent the rest of the day meeting some friends and exploring San Francisco. Nothing crazy but we created a bunch of nice memories.

Cedric and DanielSometimes I’m just not sure if we do a bike tour with the occasional photo stop or a photo tour with the occasional bike!


So if there’s one thing that I’d like you to remember from this episode, it’s this:

While maybe time is money, money definitely doesn’t buy time. And so think about who you would like to spend some more time with and create memories together.


You can listen to the audio version here: